The Gloom & The Glowing (Custom Made Music, 2016)

Dead roses, digged up zombies, broken pieces of diamonds, live cats (Ernest Jenning, 2019)

Songs For And About Ghosts (Ernest Jenning, 2021)
I'm Sure You're All Wondering Why I've Gathered You Here Today (outtakes, Ernest Jenning, 2021)



Winter EP I (Silber, 2016)
Winter EP II (Silber, 2017)

Black Highway Divider (single-sided 7") (Moldy Pizza, 2017)
Our Parents Told Us To Always Remember Home, The Evening Star (s/r, 2017)

Wholesome Weirdness (live @ Magbar, Louisville, KY, 05.14.2018) (s/r, 2018)

Degeneration (floppy disk single w/ Cinchel) (Headrush Data Disks, 2018)

Winter EP III (Silber, 2018)

Seek Not Your Fortune (outtakes, Ernest Jenning, 2019)
Massachusetts Graves (Facebook Live stream @ Ghost Salon, Hickory Withe, TN, 03.21.2020) (s/r, 2020)

Distant Fields (CD/digital split w/ The Corrupting Sea) (Somewherecold, 2020)
Transcription Of Headstones (digital-only) (s/r, 2020)

Winter EP IV (Silber, 2020)
Christmas In A Submarine (digital split w/ Droneroom) (s/r, 2020)


Christmas Is Not Your Friend, Vol. 6 - 'In The Woods' (Culture Is Not Your Friend, 2016)
Hoarfrost - 'A Wide Field Of Rusted Sorrows' (Liquid Library, 2016)
Christmas Is Not Your Friend, Vol. 7 - 'Maybe If We Take Ambien...' (Culture Is Not Your Friend, 2017)
No Synth Noise - 'The Quickening Power' (Histamine Tapes, 2017)

Experimental Christmas Compilation: Series One Point One - 'This Is Anti-Music' (Silber, 2017)
On Triangles: Sound In Geometry Series, Vol. 1 - 'Equilateral' (Thisco, 2018)
Slower Waves - 'Perpetual Dusk' (Spare No Expanse, 2018)

This Storm: A Benefit Compilation For The Coastal Carolinas - 'She Is Drifting Along The Ceiling' (Cold Rhymes, 2018)

Droneuary - 'Bruised Hearts Burn Like Cellophane' (Silber, 2019)

Paradoxal Pterodactyl (Snacktime) - 'My Battery Is Low And It's Getting Dark' (Paradoxal Pterodactyl, 2019)
Symphonic Plunderphonic - 'And To The Sea We'll All Return' (Silber, 2019)

Antihistamine 2019 - 'Lack Of Sleep Causes The Brain To Eat Itself' (Histamine Tapes, 2019)

A Heart Unseen: Weird Memphis 2019 - 'These Things You See That Stay With You Forever' (Lightning Safe Homes, 2019)
Droneuary II - 'Untitled Moment (For Kevin Apuzzio)' (Silber, 2020)
Fatigued Ordinary - 'A Gift From The Spirits' (Spare No Expanse, 2020)

Antihistamine 2020: 19 Seconds Of Sound - '19 Seconds Of Brain Damage' (Histamine Tapes, 2020)

Christmas Is Not Your Friend, Vol. 9 - 'Riverdale Inverted Siphons (Reverb Version)' (Culture Is Not Your Friend, 2020)

Compilation For The Trevor Project - 'The Perfect, Golden World' (Somewherecold, 2021)

Droneuary III - 'The Frontage Road That Won Our Hearts' (Silber, 2021)

Autopsy II - 'Hiroshima Shadows' (Peacock Window, 2021)