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The Gloom & The Glowing (digital + CD, Custom Made Music, 2016)

Dead roses, digged up zombies, broken pieces of diamonds, live cats (digital + cassette, Ernest Jenning, 2019)
Seek Not Your Fortune (digital, outtakes, Ernest Jenning, 2019)
Distant Fields (split w/ The Corrupting Sea) (digital + CD, Somewherecold, 2020)

Songs For And About Ghosts (digital + vinyl LP, Ernest Jenning, 2021)
I'm Sure You're All Wondering Why I've Gathered You Here Today (digital, outtakes, Ernest Jenning, 2021)

Don't Go Down To Lonesome Holler (digital + 2x cassette + booklet & photographs, Ernest Jenning, 2022)

Liminality, Marginality, Anti-Structure, And Parapsychology (cassette, East Cape Calling, 2023)

Shadows From The Walls Of Death (digital + cassette, Cruel Nature, 2023)
Unicorn Family (digital + cassette, Was Ist Das?/CD, Mutual Skies, 2023)



Winter EP I (digital, Silber, 2016)
Winter EP II (digital, Silber, 2017)

Black Highway Divider (digital + single-sided 7", Moldy Pizza, 2017)
Our Parents Told Us To Always Remember Home, The Evening Star (digital, s/r, 2017)

Wholesome Weirdness (live @ Magbar, Louisville, KY, 05.14.2018) (digital, s/r, 2018)

Degeneration (feat. Cinchel) (digital + floppy disk, Headrush Data Disks, 2018)

Winter EP III (digital, Silber, 2018)

Nonconnah & Owl's Head Mountain Live @ The Lamplighter, 05/20/19 (live w/ Owl's Head Mountain) (digital, s/r, 2019)
Massachusetts Graves (Facebook Live stream @ Ghost Salon, Hickory Withe, TN, 03.21.2020) (digital, s/r, 2020)
Transcription Of Headstones (digital, s/r, 2020)

Winter EP IV (digital, Silber, 2020)
Christmas In A Submarine (split w/ Droneroom) (digital, s/r, 2020)
Stranded In Canton, Volume II: A Triptych (digital, s/r, 2021)

Winter EP V (digital, Silber, 2021)

Nonconnah And Droneroom Play The Gold Hits Of Yesteryore (split w/ Droneroom) (digital, s/r, 2022)

At The River Of Hell You're A Sparrow (outtakes, digital, s/r, 2022)

Making Teenagers Depressed Is Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel (split w/ Droneroom) (digital, s/r, 2022)


Christmas Is Not Your Friend, Vol. 6 - 'In The Woods' (digital, Culture Is Not Your Friend, 2016)
Hoarfrost - 'A Wide Field Of Rusted Sorrows' (digital, Liquid Library, 2016)
Christmas Is Not Your Friend, Vol. 7 - 'Maybe If We Take Ambien...' (digital, Culture Is Not Your Friend, 2017)
Antihistamine No Synths 2017 - 'The Quickening Power' (digital, Histamine Tapes, 2017)

Experimental Christmas Compilation: Series One Point One - 'This Is Anti-Music' (digital, Silber, 2017)
On Triangles: Sound In Geometry Series, Vol. 1 - 'Equilateral' (digital + CD, Thisco, 2018)
Slower Waves - 'Perpetual Dusk' (digital + cassette, Spare No Expanse, 2018)

This Storm: A Benefit Compilation For The Coastal Carolinas - 'She Is Drifting Along The Ceiling' (digital, Cold Rhymes, 2018)

Christmas Is Not Your Friend, Vol. 8 - 'You Could Hear It From The Clouds' (digital, Culture Is Not Your Friend, 2018)

Droneuary - 'Bruised Hearts Burn Like Cellophane' (digital, Silber, 2019)

Paradoxal Pterodactyl (Snacktime) - 'My Battery Is Low And It's Getting Dark' (digital, Paradoxal Pterodactyl, 2019)
Symphonic Plunderphonic - 'And To The Sea We'll All Return' (digital, Silber, 2019)

Antihistamine No Synths 2019 - 'Lack Of Sleep Causes The Brain To Eat Itself' (digital, Histamine Tapes, 2019)

A Heart Unseen: Weird Memphis 2019 - 'These Things You See That Stay With You Forever' (digital + CD, Lightning Safe Homes, 2019)
Droneuary II - 'Untitled Moment (For Kevin Apuzzio)'  (feat. Droneroom) (digital, Silber, 2020)
Fatigued Ordinary - 'A Gift From The Spirits' (digital + cassette, Spare No Expanse, 2020)

Antihistamine No Synths 2020: 19 Seconds Of Sound - '19 Seconds Of Brain Damage' (digital, Histamine Tapes, 2020)

Christmas Is Not Your Friend, Vol. 9 - 'Riverdale Inverted Siphons (Reverb Version)' (digital, Culture Is Not Your Friend, 2020)

Compilation For The Trevor Project - 'The Perfect, Golden World' (digital, Somewherecold, 2021)

Droneuary III - 'The Frontage Road That Won Our Hearts' (digital, Silber, 2021)

Autopsy II - 'Hiroshima Shadows' (digital, Peacock Window, 2021)

Antihistamine No Synths 2021: Percussion - 'Cassettes Strewn Across Conference Rooms' (digital, Histamine Tapes, 2021)

The Ailanthus Recordings 10 year Anniversary Compilation - 'Just Beyond Perception' (digital, Ailanthus Recordings, 2021)

Psi-Solation +1 (One Year On) - 'Partial Darkness' - (digital, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, 2021)
Droneuary IV - 'All In This Photograph Have Gone On To Glory' (digital, Silber, 2022)

This Machine Confuses Fascists, Volume 2: For Kyiv - 'This Tape Is A Lightning Bolt From God' (digital, Philtrum Recordings, 2022)

Pro Choice Noise, Volume II - 'Nonconnah And The Creepy, Terrible World' (digital, Argali, 2022)

Sweet Sounds Records Fall Sampler 2022 - 'The Collapse Of The Wave System' (digital, Sweet Sounds, 2022)

Somewhere Much More True - 'The Flashes On The Film Are From Radiation' (digital, Spare No Expanse, 2022)

Christmas Is Not Your Friend, Vol. 10 - 'Cattails Become Fallow Fields' (digital, Culture Is Not Your Friend, 2022)

Antihistamine No Synths 2022: Water - 'From A Dream: The Dark Animal Site' (digital, Histamine Tapes, 2022)

Droneuary V - 'A Border Within The House' (digital, Silber, 2023)
Antihistamine No Synths 2023: Rocks - 'We Can't Identify The Foreground' (digital, Histamine Tapes, 2023)

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