'the mighty sound of crosstown'
dystopian dronegaze, memphis, c. 2016









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"...a slow-motion carousel of musical surprises, with each new sound causing you to reconsider the context of what you’ve already heard...'Songs For And About Ghosts' feels like a revelation...because it understands the multivalence of our times, neatly encapsulating the idea that outrage, joy and most every other emotion coexist within a click." - Pitchfork

"At any given moment in this opening cut from Songs For And About Ghosts, you might find yourself lost amid a heavenly choir, halo-jumping into an active feedback volcano or hang-gliding under a celestial matrix of glistening strings and bells. Nonconnah — Tennessee-based married couple Zachary and Denny Corsa — are believers in drone’s positive properties. On “To Follow Us Through Fields of Lightning” they glide into a sort of non-specific shoegaze dreamspace, an area of psychoactive relativity likely to stir different memories in different audiences. One common thread: a cosmic, psychic cleansing." - SPIN's 30 Best Songs Of 2021 (So Far)


"The entire album (Songs For And About Ghosts) is a stunning, singular experience, blurring the lines between magical euphoria and soul-crushing despair." - AllMusic

"...the haunting is palpable, even confrontational, as spirals of searing guitars and mangled samples arise like pillars of blackened smoke over an anxious horizon...with the swirling of an infinite eddy that not even death can escape." - The Wire

"…achingly beautiful and intricately layered sound collages. When Denny and Zachary are at their best, they are damn near untouchable, as I can think of no one else who so organically blurs together naked beauty, go-for-broke psychotropic brilliance, and immersive textural richness…the Corsas are making some of the most sublime, absorbing, and vividly textured music on earth right now...this is easily one of the finest albums that I have heard this year." - Brainwashed

"...they continue creating experimental lo-fi music that pushes boundaries and defies easy categorization. Built from a large cache of effects pedals and treated guitars, loops and samples, a host of unorthodox instruments, and unconventional recording techniques, the music is ambitious and their albums often feel like one continuous movement exploring what feels like an endless amount of possibilities. This is music made for intimate spaces, where you have the time and patience to devote to peeling back its layers and losing yourself inside of them...their third album, Songs For and About Ghosts, feels like a massive leap...the four lengthy suites (and four smaller ones within each of them) carve out a world full of beauty, ripe with a sense of wonder but with a lingering despair...the result is a truly stunning and rewarding experience that amounts to some of their best work yet." - Beats Per Minute


"...the howls of haunted media, fluttery half-recorded-over melodies, an accumulation of memories, the layers of time, a cresting wave of drone, a triumphant song rising up from the beyond...part of the charm of Nonconnah has been the inclusion of Americana thrown into their soup of post-rock, drone, and shoegaze influences." - A Closer Listen

"...an almost-visible renewal of energy can be felt, sending seismic shockwaves through the music, which jitters with an uncontrolled excitement, and even joy...a gorgeous record which constantly twinkles and glimmers with sweetness and light." - Fluid Radio

"Fragile bursts of brighter light are found in Nonconnah's music, which is dusted with pixie dust, making her music magical through its strings of folk and kaleidoscopic, lo-fi drowsiness. Songs For And About Ghosts is a magnificent record that constantly sparkles and shines with sweetness and light...Nonconnah are treading on new ground." - Rock Decibels

"A beautiful, multi-varied sound tapestry orchestrated in guitar, synth, effects and technique...quite gorgeous...this may just be their best yet." - ISSUES

"Nonconnah carve beautiful sonic sculptures from sheets of glacial sound." - Migraine Robot Radio

"The result is something textured and intricate, but no easier to pin down. Perhaps, in that way, the album’s title is especially fitting, evoking something supernatural and strange, something best glimpsed out of the corner of the eye." - The Memphis Flyer

"Nononnnah have delivered a collection of music that is the very definition of beguiling. From the outset this stuff is immediate, engaging, mesmeric....if you have a mate that says shit like ‘Yeah, but what’s the point in drone rock?’ you can respond, ‘Dead Roses, Digged up Zombies, Broken Pieces of Diamonds, Live Cats’." - Popbollocks

"Abstracting the states of awareness induced by our machines, mentalities and media is what the best visual art regularly does in the contemplative surroundings of a gallery, and this album, with many layers of rich, visceral sonic textures packed into each track, does much the same. Give it a listen and imagine where a slow, increasingly unearthly elevator ride into space might take you."

- The Memphis Flyer

"As gloriously spectral as ever...haunted Americana at its finest." - The Wire

"...hushed moments of uncomplicated beauty...rich and complex, capable of coaxing surprisingly deep emotions to the surface." - The 405

"The droning soundscapes...are as disorienting as they are absorbing." - The Austin Chronicle


"A noisy but tender selection of shoegaze-influenced drone music...it's like awakening thousands of years from now on a distant planet and the first thing your android eyes see is a gorgeous alien sunrise." - ISSUES 

"I’ve gorged on this album over the past few days, it’s wonderful. Apart from a few other bits and pieces I’ve not really listened to much else in that time. It’s an hour of superbly crafted noise and drones." - I Heart Noise

"Nonconnah really deliver with this full length – providing a listen that is truly rewarding and only improves on repeat." - Eternity Tree


"It is quite impressive how this - in the most positive sense of the word - fragmentary and fragmented music and this high number of tracks does not create a fragmentary work, but a coherent album that reveals more details with each new listen." - African Paper

"Never less than a sonic feast covered in the best condiments, sometimes all at once."
- Tiny Mix Tapes 

"Tempts the listener to be impaled on the sonic rocks hidden in the aural spectre. The music is deep and complex adding to its devilishly dark sonic imagery. This is very cool stuff as we have come to expect from this accomplished group." - Floorshime Zipper Boots 

"...like a sea of pleasant crystalline sounds and trippy washed-out psychedelic auras."

- Doodlehound

"...like alien signals coming in over the radio at 2:00 AM, half-heard conversations in cryptic languages, occult investigations gone awry, and blissful walks down country lanes. Sometimes

all at once." - More Music

"Sorta ecstatic, which lends a trippy yet happy feel." - Deep In The Music

"...bliss blistering and heavenly haloing, a beautifully serene renewal veers into view bathing all in a deeply spiritual oneness...really is most beguiling." - Mark Losing Today

"Purists, take heart. This is the sort of drone that allows you to simply put it on, lay back on that couch, and drift into the stasis pod." - The 405

"...you’ll be pleased to know that their trademark noxious soundscapes and aural degradation flourish here in seamless abundance with all the beauty one’d expect." - I Heart Noise

"...The title of the album, its cover, the song titles (how’s ‘Our Secrets Kept Forever’?) all speak of that borderline where intrigue, excitement, joy, insecurity and fear all intermingle and cross into each other’s territory. In essence, it is music of creating an atmosphere that shifts in mood..."

- Echoes and Dust 

"The five tracks are full on experimental drones and ambient escapades in the cold nether regions of experimental music. Deep and dense, with field recordings, synths and noise, the EP brings to light sinister grey scenes and imagery that will satiate the most forlorn wintry soul. Embrace the cold, dark reality of the season and hunker down by the fire with imaginative ambient textures and unique sonic themes." - Floorshime Zipper Boots

"The expressive depths and heights achieved within TG&TG are nothing short of astonishing. The moment when music surpasses mental satisfaction and achieves spiritual satisfaction is both uplifting and grounding....with songs moving past beautifully like unknown towns through your car window. Tones evoke nostalgia, melancholy, humble warmth and old wisdom. A delicate balance of pain and purity, wistfully guiding the listener in a tour of emotion...a rich and satisfying experience." - Eternity Tree 

"The fuzzy image adorning the cover matches this noisy liminal music, which puts the listener in a strange state between waking and sleeping, and which perhaps represents winter in all its ambivalence." - African Paper

"Initial appearances can be deceiving, because Nonconnah’s new album seems to warp over time. The husband and wife duo were Lost Trail in a past life, but their music together has shifted into a new season. Much of that earlier sound is still intact: those hazy, spectral layers are added to dreamy harmonies that sleepwalk through thickets and brambles, walking in the soft autumn light and then going further beyond." - Fluid Radio

"The EP reflects a season in suspension, drawing a line from the fallen leaves to the snow, separating the piano notes like flakes.  A sense of distancing envelops these tracks, as if removed from the gaudy segment of festivities.  There is deep contemplation to be found here, and sullen, rusted beauty." - A Closer Listen

"Powerful and beautiful at the same time!" - Yeah I Know It Sucks

"Deliver(s) a chilly blast through the room....the glacial floe minds the listener of the sounds of creaking ice." - Emerging Indie Bands

"...further develops their wondrously perceptive strain of musical history." - Notes From Left Of The Dial (Nooga.com)

"A subtle and blissful gathering of sounds." - Eternity Tree

"...spacious, broad, quiet, with an emptiness that might mean melancholy to some listeners, freedom to others." - Chain DLK

"A long journey through the sound of light and the things found along the starlit path. the album also presents something alien to most people making it particularly unique. The odd sounds, guest stars, and care given across the album are what sets this above..." - Skull Valley

"This vagueness of sounds, in which they are similar yet out of focus and indistinct, is typical of the Nonconnah sound." - Evilsponge


#2 Electronic/Techno Album of 2017, The Memphis Flyer