harmony marquis flying v

gibson sonex 180 deluxe
fender standard hss stratocaster (mim)
kent polaris II 545 (guyatone)

valco custom kraft beat blaster

truetone (kay) k300

teisco/kawai telestar k-4 semi-hollow

saturn videocaster 595 (guyatone/kent)
kay/univox effector
tonika egs-650

danelectro 59x-12

gretsch g5260 electromatic jet baritone

casio dg-1 digital guitar synthesizer

thundaburke 'christine' tenor cigar box guitar

guild d-240e acoustic

fender mc-1 nylon-string acoustic
rogue rls-1 lap steel



sound city concord (tube)

silvertone/sears 40xl (solid-state)
teisco/zen-on audition (solid-state)

fender stage 112 se (solid-state)
sunn sb160 (solid-state bass)

boss katana mini

danelectro hodad mini-amp

ik multimedia iRig micro-amp


devi ever rocket mangler

fender blender

ibanez fz7 tone-lok fuzz

death by audio supersonic fuzz gun

rainger fx minibar

proco turbo rat

digitech whammy ricochet

digitech digidelay

dwarfcraft devices wizard of pitch

strymon mobius

boss ps3 pitch-shifter/delay (pink label)

midfi clari(not)

tc electronic prophet digital delay

boss tera echo

boss/roland re-20 space echo

empress reverb

electro-harmonix superego+

copilot fx arrow white noise generator

ross 10-band graphic equalizer

malekko charlie foxtrot

earthquaker devices data corrupter

electrolobotomy hadron collider
boss sy-1 synthesizer

danelectro fab tone dd-1

electro-harmonix 22500 looper/sampler

azor pure boost

mooer micro looper

isp technologies decimator II

zoom ms50g

korg kaossilator I
saturnworks a-b-y buffered splitter

digitech rp80



alesis wedge

yamaha fx500

alesis midifex

korg volca sample 2
korg volca bass

m-audio oxygen 8 v2



korg microkorg xl

casio sk-10

yamaha dx11 synth

toy dollar store synth

baldwin interlude fun machine electric organ

korg monotron duo

teenage engineering po-20 (arcade)

magnus chord organ

panasonic 'do re mi' portable turntable w/ built-in synthesizer




baldwin designer console piano

student violin


pzen isan acoustic-electric phin
aklot 16-string lyre harp

lakota hand-painted 'medicine wheel' buffalo drum


handmade amplified 'noiseboard' (courtesy of wayne todd) 

student erhu

2 balkan ciftelias

rogue mandolin

handmade mbira

savannah banjo

toy mountain dulcimer

antique german accordion
cb 6855 bell kit

various toy woodwinds, melodicas, flutes

various hand percussion items and shakers

customizable music box

musical ruler

hohner harmonica

yamaha rx-17 drum machine
junked tama floor & rack toms + cymbals

zildijan mallets & sticks




jim dunlop usa nylon picks

ernie ball strings (10s)

ghs fast fret


planet waves chrome/brass slide
korg and cryptic carousel contact mics


various toy laser guns/ray guns

kaito shortwave radios (2)

contrabass bow(s) & rosin

karaoke machines, baby monitors, and other junked electronics

flathead screwdriver

kinyo computer speaker (feedback loops)

assorted cassette tapes (in a scrapped Delta flight attendant rolling case)

ryobi battery-powered drill

battery-powered electric razor

xspro aby switcher

pyle hum destroyer

samson mda1 mono direct box

toy Barbie-themed xlr mic

monoprice eight-channel audio mixer

mackie cr3-xbt active studio monitors

unbranded, handmade aby switcher

one-spot & pighog power adapters

3 donner power bricks

musician's source microphone suspension boom stand

monster, rockboard, ebs instrument cables

apple iPod classic 160gb (2)

apple iPhone 8

aiworth mp3 player (2)
fender tuning app

fender clip-on tuner

snark clip-on tuner

sennheiser hd280 headphones

audio-technica ath-m50x headphones

sony mdr-zx110 headphones
sony pocket digital recorder

various cassette, reel-to-reel and microcassette machines (panasonic, califone, raleigh, rca, etc.)

califone bowed tape recorder (hand-built)

zoom h2 digital recorder (2)

kuyal and proline multi-guitar stands

apogee jam 96k guitar interface (2)
focusrite scarlett solo (3rd gen) interface

blue yeti blackout usb microphone

mxl 770 studio condenser microphone

ART tube mp audio interface

samson usb microphone

blue icicle xlr>usb interface

flare 'calmer' audio implants

apple macbook air (2020) w/ garageband, audacity, ableton, & reaper
au plugins (airwindows, izotope, aberrant, audiowish, illformed, baby audio, musical entropy, etc.)

pedaltrain pro pedalboard & case

rarlight 60w soldering kit

ernie ball musician's tool kit
pedaltrain metro 20 pedalboard & case
roland ras-s01 amp stand

handmade pedalboard for tape machines

handmade secondary pedalboard

stagg & world tour gig bags

cablephyle gear organizer

ernie ball, gibson straps

far too many power strips

small collection (fuji, pentax, brother, kodak, bauer, rca, etc.) of super 8mm, holga, polaroid, and vhs a/v gear

photographs and video of our collection posting soon...